Ulm offers art, culture and romantic nostalgia

    In Ulm, historic architecture meets a garish sculpture, which is discussed in cozy pubs and restaurants along the creeks leading to the Danube. Ulm Cathedral is a superlative in Germany; after all, no church tower is higher than this shapely Gothic marvel. Right next door, on Münsterplatz, is a rather modern café. In general, Ulm is a city of contrasts architecturally, which is noticeable when strolling through the stylishly tidy pedestrian zone in the city center. Keith Haring's Red Dog is particularly striking. The bright red, comic-like dog sculpture was once created by the New York artist for a sculpture exhibition in Münster. With a view of the countryside The IntercityHotel Ulm is centrally located, but you can reach the restaurants and pubs in Ulm's old town, situated along the rushing streams, quite quickly. From the old city wall, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Danube meadows. Here you indulge in the culture of cultivated promenading.

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