China Selection Services

    Our hotels are increasingly popular among Chinese speaking guests. In order to make your stay at our hotels even more convenient and comfortable, the participating hotels have committed to provide a series of service upgrades free of charge - simply to make you feel welcome and at home. Below you will find details on the services included in the programme. Please note that there may be slight differences and variations depending on the hotel and location, and that these services are provided by the hotels for free and on a voluntary basis depending on availablity.


    Booking & Arrival

    Chinese Payment Systems

    Our hotels provide many different payments options, and to increase the convenience of your stay, all participating hotels are currently providing payment by Unionpay. At most of our hotels you are also able to pay by using Alipay. Should you require this service, for example at check-out, please let the reception know about it.

    Language assistance

    When traveling abroad, language might be a challenge and not everyone is fluent in English. Although not all our hotels have Chinese-speaking staff yet, some of them already do. Please check with the reception wether this service is available at your hotel, or whether they can maybe connect you to a Chinese speaking person. If there is no Chinese-speaking person available who can assist you at the hotel, we can easily use the language translator device that translates languages in real-time.


    Cultural Training

    You are very welcome at our hotels and cultures are different. To avoid misunderstandings as much as possible, all participating hotels are receiving ongoing cultural training to better understand your needs. The staff at your hotel will do their best to provide you with what you need. Should you still encounter misunderstandings, please let the reception know about any difficulties.


    free high-speed WiFi

    Convenient internet connection is very important today and of course our hotels are all equipped with modern WIFI services. As a guest in our hotel you will enjoy WIFI connection at standard speed completely free of charge. As an H Rewards member, you will be able to enjoy free high-speed WiFi. Please let the reception know in case you have any difficulties logging-in.



    Sometimes separate beds are convenient, and all participating hotels are able to provide them upon request. Should you prefer this option, please let the hotel know as early as possible, since the number of twin-bed rooms is limited and available depending on availability. Although your hotel will do their best to accomodate your wish, please understand that the room may not always be available. If you wish to sleep on a more firm mattress that supports a good night's sleep, please check if your hotel has bamboo mats available.

    Chinese TV channels

    Do you wish to watch your home country's TV while traveling abroad? All participating hotels offer one or multiple Chinese TV channels. At some of the participating hotels you are also able to cast your phone or tablet to the TV, which allows you to watch your favorite TV show or serie whenever you want it.


    Disposable Slippers

    You may be used to disposable slippers from home, and in order to increase your comfort and well-being in your hotel room, participating hotels offer free disposable slippers in the guest room, or the disposable slippers can be requested by informing the reception or housekeeping during your stay.

    Bathroom Amenities

    We know that traveling can be a lot of hussle, especially when travelling overseas with a lot of luggage. To increase your comfort and the convenience of your room, your hotel provides bathroom amenities, such as a disposable dental kit in your room. Bathroom amenities can also be requested by informing the reception or houskeeping during your stay.


    Hot water kettle

    An item that is often requested by our guests is a hot water kettle in the room. The participating hotels all are happy to provide them to you upon request. Please let the reception or housekeeping know about your wish. In some room types, you may already have a coffee/tea machine which you can also use.

    Tea Selection

    Sometimes it is nice to just relax in your hotel room and enjoy the nice smell of tea. Your hotel can provide you with a tea selection upon request. To make you even more at home, some participating hotels offer authentic white tea from Fujian province upon request, which is part of our corporate social responsibility program. Some participating hotels have traditional tea ceremony accessories that will elevate your tea experience abroad. To see whether your hotel has this on offer, please let the reception or housekeeping know about your wish.

    SHR_Beverages_vitamin-fortified water_iStock-510958576.jpg

    Drinking Water

    In all our hotels the tap water is of guaranteed drinking quality. If you however still prefer to use bottled water, as a special courtesy, your hotel provides you with complimentary bottled water in your room. In case you require more, please let the reception or housekeeping know about your need.

    Electricity Adapter

    We know that in modern digital life, charging your smartphone or computer is a daily necessity. To improve your convenience, your hotel can provide you with an electricity adapter upon request, in case you do not carry your own. In some hotels there is also the option to recharge your device via a USB socket. Please let the reception or housekeeping know about your need.

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    F & B and Public Areas

    Breakfast Offer

    We know that breakfast is a very important part of a pleasant hotel stay and also a very important meal for Chinese people, especially when travelling abroad. To give you an excellent start into the day, your hotel provides specific breakfast items, such as noodles together with suitable condiments. Your hotel's kitchen team also learned how to make several authentic Chinese breakfast dishes upon request. Please check with the restaurant which authentic breakfast dish they can cook for you. Needless to say, our rich Western breakfast items are available to you too.

    Online Media Library

    For your reading pleasure and entertainment, we have prepared a selection of digital Chinese and international magazines and newspapers, which you can access and read online free of charge. You can easily scan the QR code on the designated flyer in your hotel to access the online library, or you can click the link below.


    Cultural Events

    We all know that China boasts a profound culture with rich and diverse traditional festivals. When traveling abroad, you are unfortunately unable to celebrate this with your family and friends. Participating hotels are aware of all upcoming Chinese festivals, and will acknowledge and celebrate Chinese festivals in various ways, depending on the hotel and location.

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    H World Loyalty Program

    Your hotel is a proud member of the global H World loyalty program. As a member of this loyalty program you can receive many additional services and benefits. No matter if you are already an H World member or would like to sign-up, please click the link below to learn more.

    Further Information

    Chinese Social Media and Websites

    Some of our hotel brands already have Chinese language websites and we plan to add more in the future. If you wish to find more information about these hotels, get some inspiration from other guests or give us some feedback, please see the Weibo channels that we have prepared for you. We would love to hear from you.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are some recurring questions that we get from our guests. To save you some time, we have put together a list of topics and questions that your hotel has been briefed about. Please see the link below to learn more about these FAQ. If you need any assistance on this, please contact your hotel reception.