New locations - New hotels

    H Rewards is continuously growing with its eight attractive hotel brands.

    We are pleased to give you an overview of our hotel openings and new destinations.

    Our new hotels

    Hotel in Zurich - Intercityhotel Zurich Airport - Room Twin

    July 2023: IntercityHotel Karlsruhe

    Just 200 m from Karlsruhe main station, we will open the doors of IntercityHotel Karlsruhe in summer 2023. Stay in one of the 194 modern rooms designed by Matteo Thun and enjoy the feel-good ambience during your stay in the Baden city of Karlsruhe.


    September 2023: IntercityHotel Geneva

    Our stylish IntercityHotel Geneva will open its doors for you in summer 2023, just a few minutes' drive from Geneva Airport in the newly developed "Quartier de l'Étang" area. The streetcar will take you to the center of the beautiful city of Geneva in less than 15 minutes - Bonjour à Genève!


    November 2023: Ji Hotel Orchard Singapore

    Plan your trip to Singapore and book a room at the modern Ji Hotel Orchard Singapore. You will stay in a quiet street of the city center and enjoy great comfort and service.


    November 2023: Zleep Hotel Prague

    Look forward to a stay in the Czech capital of Prague at the new Zleep Hotel Prague. The hotel is located in the south-west of the city and has 166 rooms, a lounge with bar and reception - in a stylish Scandinavian design, of course.


    December 2023: IntercityHotel Lübeck

    The IntercityHotel Lübeck impresses with its ideal location between the main train station and the old town with UNESCO World Heritage status. Arrive in the enchanting city on the Baltic Sea and spend the night in one of the 176 modern, air-conditioned hotel rooms designed by Matteo Thun.

    814_ICH_Nizwa_rooms_Standard King 2.jpg

    January 2024: IntercityHotel Bawshar Muscat

    We look forward to welcoming you at our new IntercityHotel Bawshar Muscat, located just 1 km from the great Mall of Oman shopping center: Book your stay at one of the stylishly furnished 96 hotel rooms and have a pleasant stay in Oman.

    Business hotel in Karlsruhe - IntercityHotel Karlsruhe, Lobby

    Beginning of 2024: IntercityHotel Ppaderborn

    Directly at Paderborn main station, only about 2 km from the charming old town, we opened the IntercityHotel Paderborn with 190 modern rooms and a stylish reception area.

    Beginning of 2024: Steigenberger Hotel Bielefelder Hof

    Directly at Bielefeld main station, only 1 km from the historic old town, we welcome you to the Steigenberger Hotel Bielefelder Hof. It is the perfect choice for your stay in Bielefeld for both business and city travelers.

    IntercityHotel Wiesbaden restaurant

    Beginning of 2024: IntercityHotel Heidelberg

    On the western side of Heidelberg main station, just a 2-minute walk from the tracks, we are opening the new IntercityHotel Heidelberg at the beginning of 2024. 198 rooms in a stylish design by Matteo Thun promise modern living comfort for your overnight stay in the beautiful university city on the Neckar.


    Spring of 2024: Zleep Hotel Lausanne-Chavannes

    Plan your stay near the beautiful Lake Geneva. In our new Zleep Hotel Lausanne-Chavannes you will stay in a cool Scandinavian ambience - only 1.5 km from Lausanne's university and 6 km from the city center. We look forward to welcoming you!