IntercityHotel Hildesheim

The IntercityHotel Hildesheim with 150 guest rooms, a BistroLounge, a bar and a restaurant as well as three conference rooms, welcomes its guests in the stylish design of Matteo Thun, right next to the main station.

In this convenient location and with all major transportation links, right next to the hotel, you are right in the middle of the action. The pedestrian zone starts opposite the hotel.

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Bahnhofsplatz 2 31134 Hildesheim Deutschland
Air condition
Free WiFi
Conference area
Non smoking hotel
Pets welcome

Our Rooms (7)

IntercityHotel Hildesheim - Exterior

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Art spaces: "The look at things"

A photo art project by Patrick Pollmeier.

It is the routine walk through the cities of our time. With a trained eye, individuals orient themselves unerringly from A to B in familiar places by means of a few anchor points, without perceiving what they see. Reduced to a few striking features, the gaze misses any facets of the immanent. This work pauses for a moment and splits up what is seen in order to look more closely. The individual gaze resembles an abstracted memory. Rough, emotional, fragmented. The combination of these, however, leads to a larger picture that can be expanded by each new perception of the anchor point. The routine walk through the city thus decouples from physical practice.


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