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    The IntercityHotel Rostock with its 174 hotel rooms and 6 conference rooms is the perfect place for business meetings and the ideal Startpunkt for cultural trips and city explorations in and around Rostock. Located directly at the main station, the hotel guarantees, among other things, short distances to the city center including all its shopping, sports and entertainment facilities. Conveniently located and with all major transport links on the doorstep, the hotel in Rostock puts you right in the middle of the action.

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    Herweghstraße 51 18055 Rostock Deutschland
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    Art spaces: "North northeast

    A photo art project by Gregor Herse and Eliane Lustner.

    "Nordnordost" - the title describes Rostock's location as seen from the center of Germany and at the same time, as a nautical designation, refers to the city's coastal location. In their work, Gregor Herse and Eliane Lustner approach the city of Rostock in a formal aesthetic way through its surfaces and structures. In graphic but also atmospheric images, essential elements such as sea and architecture, beach, shipping, industry, and vegetation are thematized, creating exciting image combinations. The viewer is invited to perceive the city and its surroundings in a new way and to add his own associations.


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