IntercityHotel - room

IntercityHotel 2.0 - New concept, new design

"Being at home is no longer location-based. It's a feeling." - Matteo Thun

This feeling of familiarity, which we appreciate all the more far away from home, is conveyed by interior architect Matteo Thun with his spatial concept in our new IntercityHotels.

They are characterized by a fresh, young design. Here you can arrive and feel at home.

The concept

The architect is a great advocate of zero design. He reduces design to the quintessence and designs things that endure.

This is reflected in the IntercityHotels of the new generation - simplicity and normality. Natural materials such as solid oak wood, high-quality leather and many plants find their place here. Restrained and soft colors round off the design concept.

The physical well-being is also taken care of: In cooperation with the trend and gastronomy expert Pierre Nierhaus, modern and light dishes as well as well-known classics have been developed. Special attention is paid to local specialties.

IntercityHotel Braunschweig - Bar

The designer

Matteo Thun, born in Bolzano in 1952, studied at the Academy of Art in Salzburg and earned a doctorate in architecture at the University of Florence. Professionally, he settled in Milan and founded his architectural firm "Matteo Thun & Partners".

From tableware to furniture to luxury hotels, the Italian architect lends his very own signature to many everyday objects and buildings.

The feel good factor

It is especially important to us that our guests feel comfortable in the long term. Because a one-time wow effect is not the goal of the design concept.

You can already see the new design concept for yourself at IntercityHotel Duisburg, IntercityHotel Braunschweig and the brand new IntercityHotel Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof Süd. Visit us and let us inspire you!

We are looking forward to many more new openings of IntercityHotels according to the Matteo Thun design. Be curious!