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With its 176 rooms and 4 conference rooms, the IntercityHotel Duisburg is the perfect place for business meetings and the ideal Startpunkt for cultural trips and city explorations in and around Duisburg. Located directly at the main train station, the hotel guarantees, among other things, short distances to the city center including all its shopping, sports and entertainment facilities. Conveniently located and with all major transport links on the doorstep, the hotel in Duisburg puts you right in the middle of the action.

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Mercatorstraße 57 47051 Duisburg Deutschland
Air condition
Free WiFi
Conference area
E-charging station
Non smoking hotel

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With the FreeCityTicket for H Rewards members, you can use public transport free of charge during your entire stay with us. Experience the city by bus and train in an environmentally friendly way.*
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Art spaces

A photo art project by Fabio Ney and Julius Stuckmann. The basis of the conception of the artistic-photographic work for the IntercityHotel Duisburg was initially the experience of the urban space through the medium of photography. This resulted in documentary images, which initially served to approximate the representation of Duisburg, but ultimately became raw material for an experimental photographic approach. The focus is on Duisburg as a cultural space and the Rhine as a significant aesthetic element of the city. In the course of this, motifs found on site were printed and further processed in the studio. In this way, two-dimensional images that show a three-dimensional space are in turn transformed into spatial models.


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