Long stay hotel apartments

    Are you looking for rooms suitable for longer stays? Then we have the perfect solution for you: A Zleep Living room. A Zleep Living room is similar to a hotel apartment and is equipped with a range of kitchen facilities.

    In the room you will quickly feel at home and you will not have to worry about finding a restaurant in the immediate area when your stomach begins to rumble. Instead, you can prepare your own meals in the associated kitchen and/or with the kitchen facilities provided. You will find Zleep Living rooms in several of our hotels. Below you can read more about the individual hotels’ exact living facilities and how to book the room.

    Airport hotel in Madrid - Zleep Hotel Madrid Airport, Standard Double Room

    Zleep Hotel Madrid Airport

    If you book one of our Living-rooms at Zleep Hotel Madrid Airport, you will get a spacious room that are 50 percent larger than a regular room with a small private kitchen. In the kitchen, you will have a mini fridge with freezer, sink, microwave, as well as utensils. A Living-room is perfect for longer stays or if you wish to cook your own meals.

    Zleep Hotel Lyngby

    If you book a Living room at Zleep Hotel Lyngby, you get your very own hotel apartment. The room is 50 percent larger than a regular hotel room and has a built-in kitchen. In the kitchen you will find a mini fridge with freezer, a sink, microwave and of course tableware. In addition, you also have the opportunity to cook your own food from scratch using the cooking plates.


    Zleep Hotel Køge

    At our hotel in Køge, the Living rooms are equipped with their own kitchen. In the kitchen you will find tableware, a fridge, a sink, kettle and microwave. In Køge, the number of restaurants in the immediate area is limited and therefore, we recommend booking a Living room if you are staying overnight for a longer period of time.

    Zleep Hotel Vejle

    At Zleep Hotel Vejle you have three different types of Living rooms to choose from. Triple Living suitable for three people, Family Living suitable for three adults and one child, and Large Family Living suitable for four adults and to children. Common to all Living rooms is that they are 50 percent larger than a regular hotel room and equipped with kitchen facilities as utensils, microwave, kettle, fridge, sink, and cooking plates – perfect for longer stays.


    How to Book a Zleep Living room

    A Zleep Living room can be booked as a separate room category when you make your reservation online or by filling out the form below. However, the form must only be used when booking longer stays of at least 14 days. If you submit a form, our booking department will subsequently contact you with further information and a price for the stay.