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    A select-service hotel chain with affordable prices

    Welcome to Zleep Hotels – an affordable hotel chain with a selection of quality services. Our Danish roots and set of values are reflected in our way of operating hotels. Therefore, you will always find that good service, quality and Scandinavian design go hand in hand at our hotels in every country you might visit us in.

    At Zleep Hotels you get quality accommodations at attractive prices. In the room you can relax and gather your energy for a new day. Here you will find a high quality bed, free WiFi and a flatscreen TV and in the lounge areas you can enjoy the ’hyggelige’ atmosphere with the humming from the reception in the background. We offer a selection of cold and hot beverages and some snacks for the light hunger.

    Whether you are traveling with your family on a weekend getaway, on a business trip or just need a quick and easy overnight stay, Zleep Hotels will always be the best and not least cost-conscious choice.

    Public Loung Zleep Hotel Lyngby Zleep Hotels Hotel in Lynbgby

    Discover our top destinations

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    Discover our Zleep Hotel in Madrid

    The newly opened Zleep Hotel Madrid Airport is a large airport hotel near IFEMA-congress center.

    Public Lounge Bar Zleep Hotel Lyngby Zleep Hotel in Lyngby

    More about Zleep

    CSR Zleep snippet.jpg

    CSR Strategy

    Zleep Hotels is part of Deutsche Hospitality’s “CSR Roadmap”. We believe it is our natural responsibility to consider the effects of our actions on the environment and climate, on people and society. This philosophy includes looking at our value chain – from our raw materials and products right up to the travel behavior of our guests. To provide transparency on how we understand this responsibility, the resulting measures and the objectives both inside and outside the company, we have set out our strategy for corporate social responsibility in a “CSR Roadmap”.

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