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Jaz in the City is a young lifestyle brand. All hotels are located in areas with a unique cultural scene and reflect the spirit of the special places. Jaz in the City attracts international travelers looking for dynamic and individual experiences. Here, it's all about music and art - international guests and local artists are invited to live acts, concerts and spontaneous sessions & the kitchens and bars offer the latest food trends on their menus - creating Jaz in the City true experiences where other hotels offer only impressions. Skillful improvisation is our style, as Jaz turns design, performance and enjoyment into a total concept. Jaz in the City is made for you - spontaneous, hip and alive in the dynamic rhythm of the city.


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Get great discounts for your stay at Jaz in the City. Music, art and the latest food trends await you. Experience the coolest beats and exclusive performances by local artists and newcomers. Don't miss the chance to have a unique experience with Jaz in the City!


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Sustainable & Fair

H World International has firmly anchored various concepts of corporate social responsibility in its corporate structure. Thus, all our hotel brands contribute to a more sustainable future. It is part of our responsibility to be aware of the consequences of our actions and the impact on the environment, climate and society. We are committed to minimizing the negative consequences and contributing to a more sustainable life.

About Jaz in the City

Unique symphony of the big city

At Jaz in the City, the boundaries between hotel and neighborhood and streets and style become blurred. We are the "home away from home" for our guests and the living room of the locals. Music and art are the blood that runs through our veins. The heart of Jaz in the City pulsates with the rhythm of the city - this is how we compose the unique symphony of the big city and bring it to life.


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Discover our top travel destinations from around the world. Stay in our hotels and experience unforgettable moments on your trip with H Rewards . Whether in the middle of famous cities or in idyllic nature - there is something for everyone among our top travel destinations.

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