We try creating the best surroundings for our colleagues, so that they may give you a great experience every time. We have replaced the traditional receptionists with a team of hosts and hostesses. To us, hostmanship is a passion, and we always want to create a welcoming, kind, proactive and informal atmosphere.

    We are proud of our colleagues, because when we work together, we can solve almost all problems. To ensure a strong internal cooperation, we are very aware that it is the combination of attitude, commitment and professional competences which enable us to form a whole. We value qualities such as empathy, responsibility, honesty and respect. We are a multicultural company of open-minded people, who do what is possible to get the best out of every situation.

    The desire for this value is to always maintain a good tone and have fun with our colleagues as well as guests and partners.

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    The hotel rooms are well-arranged, simple and minimalistic. We focus on your sleep, and the bed is the most important element in the room. You get linen of high quality in all of our rooms, and we have equipped all newly renovated rooms with quality beds, a nice shower and a large flat screen TV.

    That you get a good night’s sleep will always be our ultimate goal. Since your experience usually does not begin at check-in and end at check-out, we are continuously investing in IT solutions that ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience before, during and after your stay.


    We choose organic products because we want to offer you healthy options. Through extensive planning and individual packaging, we strive to reduce food waste to an absolute minimum. We make recycling available for everyone to secure as much as possible is recycled. When we renovate and refurbish, lower energy consumption is a priority, which is why we invest in energy saving installations. We insist on using environmentally friendly products in all our operations and demand the same from our suppliers.

    Public area Zleep Hotel Upplands Vasby Hotel in VAsby

    Great rates

    Our strategy enables us to offer value-for-money through our proven concept and structured purchasing strategy. To increase our efficiency and obtain our full growth potential, we hire the needed competencies locally. This makes it possible for us to reduce our operating costs and to easily “zleepify” the hotels and buildings.

    To ensure that you get the best possible price, our goal is that you make your reservations online. On this platform, you are given the best possible price on any date. Through improvements on our technological solutions and central skills, we secure low prices – but not at any price.


    We always attempt to create a comfortable atmosphere at our hotels. An atmosphere that is inviting and cosy, allowing you to relax properly while away from home. We also understand that everyone has individual needs. That is why our hotels are designed to accommodate both social life as well as privacy to enjoy a good book or work for a couple of hours.

    Public area Zleep Hotel Upplands Vasby Hotel in Vasby