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    A trip through the Sultanate of Oman promises incomparable experiences. From relaxing beach vacations to unique city trips to historic places like Muscat, Oman has so much to offer holidaymakers. In the capital Muscat, you can book elegant accommodation from the H Rewards brand IntercityHotel.

    You can also experience the beauty of Oman in other cities such as Nizwa and Salalah. Book your hotel accommodation on and look forward to unforgettable moments in fascinating Oman.


    Our IntercityHotels in the exciting metropolis offer urban comfort and elegance in a preferred location.




    IntercityHotel Salalah - Lobby & Cafe


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    5 reasons for a vacation in Oman

    Discover the perfect symbiosis of cultural richness and the beauty of nature in Oman.

    1. World Heritage Site in Nizwa:
    The historic city of Nizwa is home to the impressive and well-preserved Nizwa Fort, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and once served as the seat of the imams.

    2. Exotic souks in Nizwa:
    Visit the traditional souks of Nizwa and immerse yourself in the colorful hustle and bustle of the markets. Here you can buy handmade souvenirs, local spices and traditional handicrafts.

    3. Salalah's natural beauty:
    The Salalah region in the south of Oman impresses with lush oases, green plantations and white sandy beaches. Discover the breathtaking landscape of Wadi Darbat and experience the refreshing monsoon winds that transform Salalah into a green paradise during the summer months.

    4. Ancient Spice Route in Salalah:
    Salalah is located on the ancient spice route, which was once used to transport frankincense and myrrh through Oman. Visit archaeological sites such as Al-Balid to learn more about the history of the spice trade in the region.

    5. Sights in Muscat:
    In Muscat, imposing modern architecture meets the traditional charm of the Sultanate's capital. Must-sees include the Sultan Qabus Grand Mosque, the Royal Opera House and the historic Mutrah district with its old souq. Modern shopping centers and malls make the hearts of shopping enthusiasts beat faster.

    The taste of Oman

    Characteristic of Omani cuisine is the variety of spices and aromas such as cinnamon, cardamom and saffron.

    Shuwa is a traditional Omani dish in which meat (usually lamb or goat) is marinated with spices and then slowly cooked for hours in sand pits. This tender and aromatic meat is often served on festive occasions.

    Omani harees is a nutritious dish consisting of wheat and meat (often chicken or beef) that is cooked for hours and then ground to a creamy consistency. It is particularly popular for breakfast during Ramadan.

    Makbous represents the local cuisine and is a hearty and flavorful dish. It consists of spiced rice combined with meat (usually chicken or lamb), vegetables and dried limes.

    Halwa is a kind of sweet jelly made from various ingredients such as rose water, nuts and, above all, sugar. This sweet is very popular in Oman and is often served on festive occasions or as a gesture of hospitality.

    Coffee tradition plays an important role in Omani culture. It’s called Qahwa and represents a sign of love and respect and must be served at all times. Omanis themselves drink coffee throughout their daily routine. Not sure if this could be integrated in the content