Frankfurt am Main - a financial metropolis with a heart

    Mainhattan - as Frankfurt is also popularly known - not only has an impressive skyline, but also impresses with its character and charm. Frankfurt is known for its banking district and the international airport as a gateway to the world. But in addition to business and modern steel palaces, Frankfurt has many other faces.

    A cosmopolitan city with a heart

    The city center is steeped in history and so the cathedral, St. Paul's Church and Frankfurt City Hall, the Römer, are a must-see when visiting the lively city center. Frankfurt also offers Mediterranean flair: the Palmengarten, an oasis of tranquillity, is a popular venue for events and is home to flora and fauna from a wide range of climate zones. A closer look at the city center reveals hidden half-timbered buildings typical of the region. If you are only visiting the Main metropolis for a short time, the Steigenberger Airport Hotel is the ideal base from which to explore this cosmopolitan city with a heart.

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