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With its 170 hotel rooms in stylish design by Matteo Thun, the IntercityHotel Saarbrücken is the perfect place for business meetings and the ideal Startpunkt for cultural trips and city explorations in and around Saarbrücken. The main train station and the city center are only a few meters away. In this convenient location and with all major transport links on the doorstep, you are right in the middle of the action at the hotel in Saarbrücken.

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Hafenstrasse 25 66111 Saarbrücken Deutschland
Air condition
Free WiFi
Conference area
Non smoking hotel
Pets welcome

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Art spaces: "Intersection

A photo art project by Mats Rune Karlsson and Sari Schildt.

A view of Saarbrücken from above reveals a city divided in two. Like a clear border, the Saar River runs right through the middle of the city, dividing the inhabitants into Old Saarbrueckeners and St. Johanner. The city was still divided by the river into these two communities until 1909. Bridges helped to overcome the natural division and to grow together. The Saar not only functions as a backdrop in the urban space, it also provides reflections and shapes, as does the highway that runs parallel to the Saar. In "Intersection", Mats Karlsson and Sari Schildt build a bridge of their different photographic observations and let the two views merge into a new cityscape. What is shown is a place in flux, in process, which is modelled by the double view. As the Saar flows, so the images flow into each other. Materiality, structure and lines come to the fore and bring to light a fragile snapshot of the surroundings.

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