Video surveillance on our premises during your stay

    If we carry out video surveillance at the hotel where you made a booking , the following will apply to any processing of personal data associated with this surveillance:

    1. Processed personal data • Image and video recordings
    2. Purposes and legal bases of processing personal data If CCTV cameras are installed at the hotel that you visit, they are being used for the purposes of enforcing house rules, preventing crimes and offenses (e.g., damage to property or theft), and securing criminal prosecution. The legal basis for processing this data is Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR. Our company’s overriding legitimate interests stem from our obligation to ensure our guests’ safe and secure stay at the hotel and from our interest in asserting our material and immaterial claims and exercising our rights and in defending ourselves against unjustified claims.
    3. Categories of recipients of personal data Potential recipients of the data are the law enforcement authorities and persons or companies engaged in exercising our rights (such as lawyers), or service providers contracted to carry out the video surveillance.
    4. Transfer of data to third countries We do not intend to transfer this data to a third country or an international organization.
    5. Duration of storage of personal data If surveillance footage is recorded, these recordings will be erased no later than after 72 hours; after the retention period has ended, only such data as is needed for an investigation into specific incidents or for the assertion of claims based on a specific event (e.g., a crime or offense) will be stored. Such data will also be erased when the reason for its prolonged retention ceases to exist.