Exclusive Hamam Treatment in Frankfurt

    The Turkish bath, called Hamam, is based on ancient oriental traditions and ritual cleansing ceremonies. While the hamam in the Orient still refers to a public bathhouse with lively comings and goings, here at THE SPA you can enjoy your very own private hamam in Frankfurt. Your personal master of ceremonies - in Turkish "Tellak" - will receive you and take care of you during the entire ritual in a private side room. You will enjoy his personal attention and complete tranquility in your private wellness oasis.

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    Additional programs in the Hamam in Frankfurt

    Do you bring a little more time with you? Then complement your visit to the hamam in Frankfurt with a rhassoul treatment. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed after the hamam peeling and ready to receive the healing powers of nature. Rhassoul is the Moroccan name for special clay from the High Atlas Mountains, known as lava clay. However, it has nothing to do with volcanic soil - its name is derived from the Latin "lavare" (to wash). The lava clay has been ground and used for skin cleansing for centuries.

    An experienced professional applies the clay to your skin all over your body. Then the clay dries, allowing the skin to absorb the nourishing nutrients. You will then be enveloped in warm steam. Now the earth is washed off again by your beautician - you will feel like newborn afterwards.

    This is how the hamam ritual goes

    Would you like to be pampered extensively? Our private Hamam in Frankfurt is the ideal place to get to know the traditional oriental bathing culture. Your Hamam ritual begins with a warm shower and a private sauna session. In the sauna your muscles will be warmed up for the upcoming ceremony.

    Afterwards, take a seat on the heated natural stone in the private hamam. Lie completely relaxed while your Tellak envelops you in a delightfully fragrant world of soapy lather and warmth. Alternately, you will be doused with foamy hot and cold water. The classic alternating bath stimulates the circulation and promotes blood flow. At the same time, you will receive a decidedly relaxing massage, during which your Tellak will loosen your muscles with gentle tapping and kneading.

    Using a special glove made of wild silk (called a kese), your Tellak scrubs you thoroughly so that your skin is freed from dead skin flakes and dirt during this natural exfoliation. It feels wonderfully soft afterwards.

    At the end of the ritual, wrap yourself in a cuddly bathrobe and enjoy the feeling of holistic relaxation with a glass of Turkish tea in our hamam in Frankfurt.


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