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    After a hard day at work or a sightseeing tour on the Museumsufer, you can pamper yourself with a wonderful massage in Frankfurt. THE SPA at the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof offers you numerous exquisite massages, which always have your well-being as their goal. Our tip: Reserve your massage in Frankfurt in advance. This way you can be sure to receive your treatment on the desired date.

    If you are looking for a high-quality massage in Frankfurt, you have the choice between different options at THE SPA: The classic massage, also called "Swedish massage" after its modern founder Pehr Henrik Ling, consists of a series of different grips to relax the muscles. If your neck is tight after a long day at the computer, or your back hurts after a long-haul flight to Frankfurt, the classic massage is the best choice. Trained professionals carefully knead your body so that blood circulation is stimulated and your muscles can relax extensively.


    High quality massage offers in THE SPA

    Do you already know the KORE system, which combines aspects of traditional Chinese medicine with modern kinesiology and osteopathy? At THE SPA at the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof we offer you this full-body massage whose health-promoting effects last long after your stay.

    The feeling of relaxation is enhanced by pleasant fragrances. Choose an aromatherapy massage, where your professional uses essential oils to appeal to your sense of smell. Lavender, for example, exerts a relaxing effect, while citrus scents refresh and invigorate.

    In addition to classic massages, THE SPA also offers other variants. With us, you can enjoy a deep tissue massage, which specifically addresses the deeper muscles. This is especially recommended if you are occasionally restricted in your movements due to muscle tension.

    An exotic massage in Frankfurt to dream about

    Treat yourself to an unusual but time-honored form of massage in Frankfurt, whether you're just visiting or live on the Main: Rely on the healing power of warm stones during a hot stone massage, which has been known in the Pacific Rim for centuries. The stones, heated to 60 degrees Celsius, act on the autonomic nervous system and muscles, leaving you feeling wonderfully relaxed.

    From the Orient to the Far East, massages have been part of natural healing teachings for many centuries. Enjoy an oriental massage specially designed for THE SPA, based on ancient massage techniques. With targeted grips as well as tapping and kneading, your massage master loosens hardened and tense body parts. After the 80-minute session, you will feel as if you have been reborn.

    Also from the Orient is the foot reflexology massage, in which a specially trained masseur applies pressure to certain points on the sole of the foot. This is where the nerve pathways that are connected to specific parts of the body end. For example, if the back hurts, gentle pressure on the inner instep of the foot helps: a nerve pathway that connects the foot to the back runs here. Try this form of massage in Frankfurt. You will be thrilled!


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    CLASSIC MASSAGE Pamper your body and mind with our massage classic

    129 €/ 50 min

    HOT STONE MASSAGE Pure relaxation for nervous system and muscles

    169 € / 80 min