Zleep Hotel Aarhus Skejby

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    The hotel’s affordable 100 rooms are decorated with quality interior, as recognized from other Zleep hotels. In addition, you will find a “hyggelig” lobby bar, a fitness room for those interested in training and of course a free car park is available for those arriving by car. Furthermore, the hotel is only 200 meters from the nearest light rail station, making it easy to move between the city center and the hotel in Skejby.

    The hotel offers good facilities for everyone. You get free WiFi and parking, a quality bed, a spacious bath, flatscreen TV and the opportunity to enjoy a healthy and varied breakfast in our breakfast buffet.

    Tangen 45, 8200 Aarhus, Denmark

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    More Hotels in Aarhus

    Did you know that Zleep has more hotels in Aarhus? One South and one North of the city center. Apart from the hotel in Skejby, you’ll also find Zleep Hotel Aarhus Viby at Viby torv. The hotel offers free parking and WiFi, an organic breakfast buffet and beds of high quality. There is also easy access to public transport where you in 15 minutes can be in the city.

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