Attractions in Aarhus

    Aarhus is what you might call a small large city. The same can be said about Copenhagen, but Aarhus is an even smaller jewel. Even though Aarhus isn’t a giant city, it is not to be dismissed when talking about cultural and eventful cities. Aarhus is known as “the Paris of Denmark.” The reason for this is Aarhus’s many cultural experiences and exciting attractions. One you have reached Aarhus city Centre you are within walking distance to each attraction.

    In Aarhus you can experience places such as:

    • ARoS art museum
    • Concert Hall Aarhus
    • The Old Town
    • Botanical Garden
    • Marselisborg Palace
    • Ceres Park & Arena
    • Tivoli Friheden

    If you are going to experience the amazing panorama view in the Rainbow at the top of the art museum ARoS, then you might as well drop by the Concert Hall or perhaps enjoy some time by the creek that runs through Aarhus’s shopping streets, which are full of cafés and shops. If you cross the creek, you are just around the corner from The Old Town, where you are invited to journey through Denmark’s past, beginning in the 1600s and ending in the 20th century. Next to The Old Town, treat yourself with a free experience at the Tropical Houses in the Botanical Garden where you can wander through four different climate zones and learn about botany and nature.

    Just 2 km from your bed at Zleep Hotel Aarhus Viby is the beautiful Marselis area. The French-inspired Marselisborg Memorial Park is a stunning and peaceful setting in which you can relax. In the park of Marselisborg, you will also be able to see the Marselisborg Palace, residence to the Danish Royal family during the summer. Within the park, you will also find the city’s football stadium, Ceres Park & Arena, as well as Tivoli Friheden, which is definitely worth a visit if you want to go rides roller coasters. It really is a beautiful city, full of great destinations, and it is not all that remarkable, then, that Aarhus has been appointed European Capital of Culture in 2017. It is a huge political and cultural recognition of the city, being able to call it Capital of Culture in 2017, and it will surely make Aarhus an even more popular destination.