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    Zleep Hotel Glostrup

    In 2024, we will open a new hotel in Glostrup in Greater Copenhagen. The hotel is located on Roskildevej right by the entrance and exit to the highway in western Copenhagen. The hotel will be a new build with 133 rooms and a large lounge and breakfast area.


    Features of the Hotel

    Free WiFi
    Free parking
    Great location

    Facilities at Zleep Hotel Glostrup

    The hotel’s 133 rooms are decorated with quality interior in a Scandinavian design. In the room you will find a worktable, a really good bed and of course a good bath. In the lounge guests can enjoy both cold and hot drinks in pleasant surroundings, and every morning you can sink your teeth into our good, organic breakfast. A breakfast that is certified with the Danish Organic Cuisine Label in bronze guaranteeing between 30-60% organic products. To outline, you will find the following facilities at Zleep Hotel Glostrup:

    • Organic breakfast
    • Lounge with bar
    • Free WiFi
    • Parking

    Location and infrastructure

    Glostrup is located just 11 kilometers west of Copenhagen city center and is thus part of Greater Copenhagen. Staying at Zleep Hotel Glostrup allows you to move around easily no matter if you are heading towards inner Copenhagen or central parts of the country. You see, the hotel is located right by the exit and entrance to the highway. Thus, the location will benefit the many business travelers in and around Greater Copenhagen. If you arrive at Glostrup via public transport, there is 1.7 kilometers to walk from the station to the hotel. You can also ride the bus from either Glostrup Station or Copenhagen which stops at the hotel’s entrance. From Glostrup Station it takes only 16 minutes to get to Copenhagen Central Station, which is why the location is also good for visitors wanting to experience the capital