Experience Køge

    The charming and old trading town in Eastern Zealand set the scenes for many great experiences. The town is divided into different quarters; the old part of the town with charming city houses close to Køge marketplace and city hall as well as the new and modern part of town close to Køge train station. Køge is home to many cultural and nature attractions but is also elected the coziest city in Denmark. Zleep Hotel Køge is located close to the city center only a few minutes’ walk from Køge marketplace. The hotel overviews Køge marina.

    When staying at Zleep Hotel Køge, you will always be near the following:

    Kjøge Mini-By:

    An exciting outdoor experience for the whole family. The Mini-By are built in the dimensions 1:10 and is a true copy of the houses that in 1865 once where in Køge. Kjøge Mini-By is only a 5-minutes’ walk from the hotel.


    Go for a walk along the waterfront and visit some of the great restaurants, breweries, and cafés. Only a few minutes from the hotel is every kind of food you desire, whether you are in the mood for sushi or a wonderful pizza.

    Køge Beach:

    Do you fancy a fresh morning swim? Only 800 meters from the hotel is Køge Beach.

    Køge Marina:

    In addition to being a charming and historic town, Køge also houses a beautiful Marina with a harbor bath and the opportunity to buy access to a sauna.

    Camp Adventure Skovtårnet:

    Are you craving to explore nature and the woods but also want an experience besides the ordinary? Visit the 45 meters high Skovtårn in the middle of the woods and get the most amazing overview of Southern Zealand. Do you feel like exploring more of the area? Try Camp Adventure Climbing Park with 12 different levels up under the tree crowns.

    Køge marketplace:

    Bring your family to Denmark’s biggest marketplace. Every Wednesday and Saturday traders set up stands at the market. Here, there are plenty of opportunities to buy different delicacies.


    Do you need some time alone? Or has it just been a long time since you’ve swung a golf club? Visit some of the beautiful clubs near Køge.

    Escape Rooms:

    Invite your family to a challenge beyond the usual. At Riddlehouse in Køge you can try their challenging Escape Rooms. If the weather is too good to stay inside, we recommend a Riddlehunt, were the mystery takes place as you walk through Køge.

    Pangea Park:

    A great and diverse animal park only 20 minutes from Zleep Hotel Køge. At the animal park you will get to experience the animals up close and learn about animal welfare, sustainability, and the rescue of animals.

    Canoe trip on Køge Stream:

    Are you fond of working together, fresh air, and nature? Then you must bring your family on a trip down Køge Stream. From the canoe you will see the city from a whole new point of view and experience the maritime settings that Køge also contains.


    Is the weather bad or do you just need a day spend on relaxation? The modern cinema in the heart of Køge has 6 halls and can hold more than 800 guests – enjoy a great movie with a bag of popcorn