Prindsen's history

    On March 5th, 1695, King Christian the 5th issued a decree concerning “public shelters and pubs in Denmark.” In this decree it was written that shelters were to be opened on shopping streets through which post was delivered. In accordance with the decree, what is known as Zleep Hotel Prindsen Roskilde today was built as a privileged inn. In 1731, a terrible fire ravaged the city of Roskilde, and it unfortunately burned down a large part of the hotel as well. However, the hotel was restored by the owner, Madam Berg. In the 1800s, H.C. Andersen frequently visited the old hotel and so did the author and seascapist Holger Drachmann before he moved into Roskilde Palace.

    In 1875 the old inn was torn down and built up again but this time as a new and modern hotel. In 1876 the city’s many travelers could once again look for accomodation at the old hotel Prindsen that again opened its doors for the public after the renovation. The main building is designed by the architect Ove Petersen from The Royal Theater in a French renaissance inspired style. This style has given the beautiful building a special facade. It is thanks to this facade towards the main street and the Golden Age room that makes it so unique.

    Central and near all of Roskilde’s attractions

    Roskilde is located at the heart of Zealand, and it was previously the capital city of Denmark due to its great harbor. Today, it is a popular trading town, abundant in culture. Our hotel has a wonderful location in the middle of Roskilde’s shopping street. You will have convenient access to free parking, located right behind the hotel. You can quickly and easily walk to some of Roskilde’s largest attractions. Among other places, you are in walking distance to:

    Roskilde Cathedral:

    The world’s largest royal burial is home to some of the most beautiful and lifelike marble figurines. The cathedral in Roskilde is protected and enlisted on UNESCO’s world heritage sites.

    Viking Ship Museum:

    Experience Viking ships that are more than 1,000 years old and learn more about the Viking Age. The museum in Roskilde is among the city’s most popular tourist attractions and it is quite understandably why.

    City Park:

    A big, lovely, green area in the middle of Roskilde and with a great view over Roskilde Fjord. Within a very short time, you can walk from the hotel to the cozy park, which is a perfect place for walks, relaxation and romance. Roskilde Museum: Do you want to learn more about the first capital of Denmark, then visit the region’s cultural and historical museum, which is located just 120 meters from the hotel in Roskilde.


    Denmark’s very own rock museum is a musical exploratorium. Through sound, pictures and activities, you will learn how the Danish youth culture has developed through music.

    Saint Laurentius:

    The remains of the church is located at the very heart of Roskilde. Today, the remains of the church consist of a church tower as well as the ruins themselves two meters below the city square. Here archaeological findings from an excavation is showcased.

    You can easily spend a couple of days in Roskilde, but should there not be enough to explore, then Copenhagen is just half an hour train ride away. Do you want to stay in central Roskilde, in the middle of the shopping street? Stay at Zleep Hotel Prindsen Roskilde to be near everything.