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    A vacation in the Netherlands or - as it is often called - in Holland is a unique experience. We offer relaxing staxs by the sea or interesting city trips to cool cities like Amsterdam. Close to Schiphol Airport and with direct transport links to the city center, you will find hotels of three of our attractive H Rewards brands - Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts, Jaz in the City and IntercityHotel. From IntercityHotel Amsterdam Airport you can even cycle to the North Sea beach of Zandvoort.

    In beautiful Enschede we also await you in a modern IntercityHotel - soon also in Breda and in the city of Leiden. Book your hotel room on and look forward to a great break in the Netherlands.



    Our range of hotels in trendy Amsterdam offers classic elegance, modern comfort and hip design with cool music for overnight stays in unique locations.


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    7 good reasons for a vacation in the Netherlands

    There are numerous fascinating places and sights to discover in the Netherlands. Here are 7 good reasons why you should definitely visit this diverse country:

    1. Cultural diversity:
    The Netherlands have a rich cultural history, which is reflected in its cities, museums and architectural treasures. Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht are just a few examples of cities with impressive architecture and numerous cultural sights.

    2. Art and Museums:
    Some of the world's most famous artists, such as Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt, came from the Netherlands. You can admire their masterpieces in museums such as the Rijksmuseu in Amsterdam and the Mauritshuis in The Hague. The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and the Zaanse Schans open-air museum near Amsterdam, which showcases traditional Dutch windmills, wooden houses and craftsmen's workshops, are also impressive. Kinderdijk near Rotterdam is certainly just as interesting. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with 19 windmills that were built in the 18th century to pump water from the polders. It is an iconic example of Dutch water management and windmill technology.

    3. Innovative architecture:
    Especially in cities like Rotterdam you can find innovative and modern architecture. The Erasmus Bridge and the Markthal are just two examples of impressive buildings.

    4. Canals:
    The many canals in cities such as Amsterdam, Delft, Gouda, Haarlem and Leiden offer an exceptionally picturesque backdrop. Take a boat trip and experience the city from a unique perspective.

    5. Rrich nature:
    In addition to the urban attractions, you can also relax in beautiful natural areas in the Netherlands. For example, the North Sea beach of Zandvoort is known for its wide sandy beach and is easily accessible from Amsterdam. Scheveningen, near the capital The Hague, and Noordwijk are also known for their wide sandy beaches and numerous leisure activities. You can also experience pure nature in extensive national parks such as the Hoge Veluwe National Park with a varied landscape of forests, heathland and sand dunes.

    6. Tulip fields:
    The famous tulip fields are a breathtaking sight in spring. The flower season brings an explosion of color to the landscape, especially in the Keukenhof region. With one of the largest flower gardens in the world, the region is known as the 'Garden of Europe'.

    7. Bicycle friendliness:
    Cycling enthusiasts are in the right place in the Netherlands. Most cities in the Netherlands have well-developed cycle paths. Cycling is also one of the best ways to actively experience and explore the countryside.

    The taste of the Netherlands

    Dutch cuisine has much more to offer than just cheese. Here is a small taste:

    Pea soup (Erwtensoep) is a thick, green soup that is particularly popular in winter. It is usually cooked with pork, sausage and vegetables and served with rye bread.

    Herring is prepared in many different ways in the Netherlands - including as matjes herring, pickled in a spicy marinade, or as "Hollandse Nieuwe". This dish consists of raw herring, traditionally served with onions.

    The deep-fried meatballs Bitterballen are a popular snack in the Netherlands and usually consist of a ragout-like filling of meat or vegetables.

    The Netherlands is world-famous for its various cheeses. Gouda and Edam are two of the best known, which you can enjoy in various degrees of ripeness.

    Stroopwafels are thinly rolled wafer cookies filled with syrup and are often placed over a cup of coffee to warm up the syrup.

    Poffertjes, small pancakes, which are made from yeast, flour, milk and sugar. Typically, poffertjes are round and have a characteristic, slightly curved shape.