Vacation "Made in Germany"


    Germany is a very diverse country and is therefore one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe.

    From Heringsdorf on the Baltic island of Usedom to Constance on Lake Constance, one of the country's most beautiful lakes, and from the fashion metropolis of Düsseldorf on the Rhine to Dresden near the Elbe Sandstone Mountains - discover picturesque landscapes as well as fascinating cities with H Rewards. Whether it's a relaxing wellness weekend for two or an exciting cultural trip with the family, a successful trade fair visit or participation in a business conference - on you will find the right hotel at attractive prices.

    Explore the most beautiful cities in Germany with H Rewards

    Join us on a unique round trip through Germany's most beautiful cities and metropolises. Old towns with incomparable historical flair, trendy districts with sociable bars, restaurants and cafés and a wealth of cultural highlights and museums await you. Many city break destinations offer an exciting interplay of centuries-old buildings and modern, soaring architecture. From vibrant metropolises such as Berlin and Leipzig to enjoyable and cozy cities such as Munich and Stuttgart to the maritime charm of Hamburg and Kiel - Germany offers city breaks for every taste. In most of the following cities, we welcome you to more than one hotel of the H Rewards portfolio - click in and be inspired by our travel tips:

    Berlin Brandenburger Tor




    Bremer Stadtmusikanten Bremen














    JenaKultur_Uni-Hauptgebäude - Außenansicht_Toma Babovic.jpg











    Steigenberger Grandhotel & Spa Heringsdorf - balcony

    Steigenberger Grandhotel & Spa Heringsdorf

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    Steigenberger Grandhotel & Spa Petersberg, Königswinter/Bonn,exterior view

    Steigenberger Icon Grandhotel & Spa Petersberg

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    MAXX by Steigenberger Deidesheim - Exterior view

    MAXX by Steigenberger Deidesheim

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    Steigenberger Inselhotel, Konstanz - Exterior

    Steigenberger Inselhotel

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    Hotel in Bad Homburg -Steigenberger Bad Homburg, exterior view

    Steigenberger Hotel Bad Homburg

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    IntercityHotel Stralsund

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    Hotel in Bad Pyrmont - Steigenberger Bad Pyrmont, exterior view

    Steigenberger Hotel & Spa Bad Pyrmont

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    Hotel in Freiburg - IntercityHotel Freiburg, exterior view

    IntercityHotel Freiburg

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    Hotel in Bad Wörrishofen - Steigenberger Hotel Der Sonnenhof, Pool

    Steigenberger Hotel Der Sonnenhof

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    MAXX Hotel Aalen

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    Hotel in Rostock - IntercityHotel Rostock, exterior view

    IntercityHotel Rostock

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    Business hotel in Karlsruhe - IntercityHotel Karlsruhe, Exterior

    IntercityHotel Karlsruhe

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    6 reasons for a vacation in Germany

    Germany offers a fascinating mix of history, nature and culture. There are many reasons why you should spend a varied vacation in Germany. Here is a brief insight into this multifaceted travel destination:

    1. Cultural diversity:
    Germany's cities, museums and historical sites reflect the country's cultural history. From the imperial splendor of Berlin to the medieval alleyways of Brunswick and Nuremberg to the modern art galleries of Düsseldorf, the cultural diversity is impressive.

    2. Art and museums:
    German art has gained worldwide recognition, from the masterpieces of Albrecht Dürer to artists of more recent history such as Joseph Beuys. Visit museums such as the Alte Pinakothek in Munich, the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart or the Pergamon Museum in Berlin to admire Germany's rich artistic tradition. Germany also stands for technology and automobiles, which is impressively presented in the Museum of Technology in Speyer and in the BMW and Mercedes Benz automobile museums.

    3. Innovative architecture:
    Numerous German cities impress with their modern architecture. The futuristic central station in Berlin, the Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt, the Dancing Towers in Hamburg as well as the Rhine Tower and the harbor skyscrapers in Düsseldorf's Media Harbor (Medienhafen) are just a few examples of innovative construction in Germany.

    4. Rivers and lakes:
    The picturesque rivers and lakes, including the Rhine, Moselle, Tegernsee and Lake Constance, provide an enchanting backdrop. Take a boat trip on the Rhine or a relaxing stroll along the banks of Lake Chiemsee to enjoy the wonderful natural surroundings to the full.

    5. Nature parks and mountains:
    There are numerous nature parks to explore in Germany - including the Black Forest, the Allgäu and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, which delight nature lovers with their forests, mountains and hiking trails. Discover the beauty of the German countryside in these idyllic areas.

    6. North Sea and Baltic Sea
    Endless sandy beaches stretch along the northern German coasts, accompanied by the gentle sound of the waves. The salty sea air, the maritime flair of the coastal towns and the majestic sunsets create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation that captivates vacationers.

    The taste of Germany

    German cuisine is very varied and with regional characteristics. We have put together a few specialties for you:

    Germany is known the world over for its diverse sausage varieties. Whether Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Thüringer Rostbratwurst, blood sausage or curry sausage - every region has its own specialties.

    Sauerkraut is pickled white cabbage that is fermented and often served as a side dish. Sauerkraut is traditionally enjoyed with sausages or roast pork.

    Pork knuckle, a hearty dish in which the leg of the pig is slowly braised or roasted. Potato dumplings and sauerkraut are popular side dishes.

    Potatoes are a staple food in German cuisine. They are prepared in many different ways - potato salad, potato soup, potato dumplings and roast potatoes are just a few examples of the many uses of potatoes.

    Beef roulades are thinly sliced beef steaks filled with mustard, onions, bacon and gherkins and then braised or fried. Enjoy the roulades with red cabbage and potatoes.

    Brez'n or Brezels are salty and a very popular snack in Germany. They are also eaten with butter and are an integral part of beer garden culture and folk festivals.

    In northern Germany, people also like to eat crab and fish rolls or other freshly caught delicacies from the North and Baltic Seas.

    German confectioners are famous for their delicious cakes and tarts. Try a slice of Black Forest gateau (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte), Apple Strudel, Cheesecake and "Bienenstich" with your coffee, for example.

    Germany is also world-famous for its art of brewing and beer culture. In wine regions such as the Rheingau, the Palatinate or Baden-Württemberg, people also like to enjoy a glass of wine.